"Westlake Audio Model Lc265.1V was a great success at CES 2012!"

We hope you were able to enjoy our representation including the audio demonstration of the Lc25.1V at CES 2012. This pair of loudspeakers highlighted/featured our proprietary virtual low P.E. Distortion™ bus and antenna technology which controls what we call the P. E. electrical field. This field, not detectable by conventional means, is composed of rogue electrons that flow outside of primary circuit pathways. They can re-enter the signal stream out of time with the primary signal and blur the sound image or cause it to become edgy.

The foam driver muffs and speaker muffs have integral P.E. antennas which draw the rogue electrons back into the speaker where they are directed to a real (speaker muff, through 3rd P.E.™ wire in speaker cable) or virtual (driver muffs) P.E. bus for dispatch, safely returning to the power amplifier (their ultimate destination).

Left unaddressed, the rogue electrons can re-enter the speaker directly or the electionics indirectly through the items themselves, their interconnection or via the building power wiring.

For more information, we welcome any questions you might have directly by sending your e-mail to info@westlakeaudio.com.


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