Westlake Audio Loudspeaker Systems - Online Manual

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Cleaning of Hardwood Finishes:

All Westlake Audio loudspeaker wood finishes are made of solid and veneer hardwoods with a protective satin topcoat. No oiling of the finish is necessary as the wood grain is permanently sealed.

A non-abrasive spray cleaner should be used to clean off dust and fingerprints from the wood finish and painted front and backboards. No other type of cleaner should be used.

Cleaning of High Gloss Finishes:

High Gloss finishes need to be treated gently so as to avoid scratching the surface. NEVER DUST OR WIPE A HIGH GLOSS FINISH WITH A DRY CLOTH.

To clean a high gloss surface, use a soft cloth (polishing cloth preferred) with a liberal amount of liquid, non-abrasive cleaner applied to the cloth. Gently wipe the finish using circular motions. Do not wipe the finish in a straight line as this may scratch the finish. Allow the finish to dry.

Replacement Transducers:

Care has been taken in the selection and application of the transducers for the Westlake Audio loudspeakers. During production, the transducers have been matched to produce left/right pairs that have both matched phase and amplitude response within their ranges.

Matched drivers contribute greatly to the superior stereo imaging and transient response of the system. To maintain this performance, the following points should be considered when replacing damaged transducers:

1. Replace both left and right transducers at the same time

(even if only one transducer is damaged)

2. Use only Westlake Audio matched and tested transducers

3. Have new transducers installed only by a Westlake Audio dealer or the Westlake Audio repair department

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