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Pedestal Assembly:

All BBSM-VNF Series and Concert Series products have a separate isolation pedestal that serves to isolate the main speaker body from the floor. With the exception of the BBSM-4VNF, BBSM-5VNF and the C-6, all of the speakers are shipped with the pedestal already attached with bolts and rubber isolation washers.

The BBSM-4VNF and BBSM-5VNF pedestals come disassembled with a separate pedestal body and base. The pedestal base needs to be attached to the pedestal body with the supplied screws. If desired, before the pedestal base is attached to the main body of the pedestal, the foam inside the pedestal body can be removed and replaced with sand for added rigidity and stability.

Mounting Options:


The isolation pedestal of the BBSM-VNF and Concert Series speakers allows the speakers to stand on carpet without the aid of other mounting devices.

      Although the speaker body appears to be rigidly attached to the pedestal, the speaker body is actually isolated from the pedestal with a layer of felt and then attached to the pedestal by means of four bolts with rubber washers to reduce energy transmission between the speaker body and the pedestal.

The combination of the isolation pedestal and a layer of carpet between the pedestal and the floor serves to eliminate almost all transmission of energy from the speaker to the floor. If needed, the speaker can be leveled using small wood shims.

      Some popular after market items such as cones or spikes serve to rigidly couple the speaker to the floor. These products may be beneficial by adding a degree of mass or rigidity to the speaker although they also provide a second transmission path through the floor to the listener. The floor may serve as an energy storage device which, when fed with a higher level of direct vibration, may cause coloration of the sound. Before any after market mounting item is purchase, it should be determined whether the item will help or hurt the sound of the loudspeaker.

Hard Flooring

Self-adhesive carpet strips are supplied with the speakers to fit on to the bottom of the isolation pedestal for hard floor surfaces (wood, tile, stone, etc.). These carpet strips replace the isolation that a carpeted floor provides and helps to avoid scratching the floor surface.

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