by Westlake Audio

Low P.E., Dual Mode, Bi-Directional Isolation Base™

The Base

The discovery of the “P.E. Field”™ over ten years ago by Westlake Audio chief engineer Glenn Phoenix has led to a new class of isolation devices which specifically address the need to “control and manage” the P.E. Field for optimal wide dynamic range audio and video products.

With top and bottom “F/F” surfaces, the low P.E. isolation board can be inserted between any two pieces of electronics in a high quality a/v system.    Typical application might be between C.D./DVD player and power amp or video display device.

The board provides mechanical and electrical isolation via the proprietary “FF” treatment on both surfaces.  Dual outputs from the controlled surfaces optimize the P.E. field for two devices.  Multiple boards can provide the ultimate in P.E. field control for the lowest P.E. distortion™ possible in high quality multi-chassis audio/video systems.

Dual mode bi-directional field control™ is a proprietary technology of Westlake Audio and is also available in rack form (See separate product description).

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